Latornell Conservation Symposium

REMINDER - Submit Your Presentation Ideas for Latornell 2017 by April 3rd!

November 21-23, 2017 at the Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Convention Centre, Alliston, ON

Succession - The Nature of Change

Latornell Succession - The Nature of ChangeIn this Canada's 150th, we explore the succession of science, knowledge, policy and organizations and the nature of this change on the environment. Many of us identify with natural or ecological succession - the process by which a plant or animal community successively gives way to another, leading to a new state. But the same is true of our organizations, as we have matured in our purpose and knowledge, and have seen leadership transfer to successive generations. The ongoing growth of knowledge through research, monitoring, observation, analyses and education have informed our actions on the ground, the policies we have developed and our legislative responses to emerging challenges.

Through this year's theme of Succession, we explore the topics of ecological, policy and organizational succession, and continuing contributions to knowledge. Let us explore where we have been, how that has informed who we are today, and where we are headed.

Only a Few Days Left to Submit Your Presentation Ideas

Deadline: Midnight Monday April 3, 2017

Presentation proposals are welcome from practitioners (including planners, biologists, ecologists, engineers, technicians, administration, GIS staff, etc.) in all sectors, including Conservation Authorities, academia, industry, ENGOs, government (municipal / provincial / federal), and education. Through this year's theme of Succession, we explore the topics of ecological, policy and organizational succession, and continuing contributions to knowledge. Let us explore where we have been, how that has informed who we are today, and where we are headed.

We welcome proposals for presentations, panels, workshops, training sessions and tours related to the broad urban and rural environmental categories of:

Suggested Presentation Themes:

  • Soils and Soil Health
  • Forestry
  • Watershed Management
  • Natural Heritage
  • Green Technologies
  • Stewardship Programs
  • Environment and Economy
  • Environment and Public Health / EcoHealth
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Environmental Education and Outreach

Note that the above subject areas are intended to be representative, not exhaustive. Your topic may also fit within more than one category.

Submitted proposals could focus on the following aspects:

  • Science and/or research
  • Long and short-term environmental prediction, modelling and monitoring
  • Unique case studies, demonstration projects and educational services
  • Conservation, restoration and/or remediation methods
  • Unique technologies that improve outcomes in our field
  • Dynamic relationships
  • New and emerging policies and programs
  • Techniques and approaches (with examples) that improve education, knowledge transfer and outreach
  • Organizational change
  • Project selection and location - what works? What doesn't?
  • New technologies that improve accuracy, forecasting, modelling, or implementation

Agencies may also wish to submit an idea for a Pre-Latornell workshop or event. Guidelines and application are available at

Full guidelines and additional topic ideas are available online to help you submit your presentation idea - click here to view the Full Guidelines.

Ideas and presentation suggestions can be submitted on the website no later than Midnight, Monday, April 3, 2017.

Please note that not all presentation ideas can be accommodated and only those chosen will be contacted by Steering Committee members. All successful submitters will be notified no later than June 9, 2017.

Mark Your Calendar - Symposium Date Change

At the conclusion of the 2016 Symposium, the dates for this year's Symposium were announced as November 14-16. Please note the dates have changed to November 21-23, 2017.

NEW: The Watering Hole Blog Post!

Sharing the Wealth
Deborah Martin-Downs, CAO Credit Valley Conservation and Latornell Steering Committee Member

One of the best things to come out of Latornell is the sharing of information. In our conference surveys, delegates tell us that when they're back at the office, they share new tools, techniques and strategies for natural resources management that they heard about at the conference, and often incorporate changes based on this new information.

But more than just the learning from the sessions, Latornell offers the opportunity to start new collaborations. READ MORE

Request for Blog Contributions

Have you checked out the Latornell blog, The Watering Hole? Instead of just reading, why not be a contributor! The Watering Hole is always looking for fresh ideas and new talent who have something to share related to this year's theme. Have a great idea? Send an email to Katie Jane at

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